tools to download


The easiest way how to produce smooth text in CATIA V5 Part Design. Just write your text into textbox, set some parameters like font properties, size and push the button. In a matter of seconds you'll get what you have been dreaming of for so long. Real text in sketch. Something which does not even have built-in support and has been desperatelly missing in CATIA V5 since ... yeah, forever. And this small application is our answer how to fix this issue.


Do you need to create circular text in CATIA V5 Part Design? Or do you want to draw text along spline? Nothing is impossible. This small tool will show you how to do the magic. All basic types of 2D curves like line, circle, ellipse, hyperbola, parabola and spline are supported.


One of the most annoying CATIA features when you work with large assemblies is reordering of specification tree in Products. Built-in function for tree reordering is far from being flexible or effective. If you work with large assemblies then you certainly know what we are talking about. If not then you are not yet ready for our SmartSort tool, but time will come :)


This application helps you to create CATIA tables. Prepare your table in Excel (which is much more easier anyway) and when you are ready, just export it to CATIA. It supports Excel merged areas and if you need, you can also explicitly define table dimensions. Easy, hmmm?