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Generate your license for all our application. License has no time limitation, but it is bound to hardware of a specific computer. However, you can generate as many licenses as you need. Whole process is very simple and free of charge. All you need is your hardware ID and valid email address. You will get your license per email immediatelly.

But why licensing?

We would like to stay in touch with you and use your feedback to improve our applications.

Where can I find my hardware ID?

Usually you find it inside your application when you click Show Hardware ID button on Get License tab. Txt2Sketch is the only exception and you find it by clicking Get License button directly.

Ok, give it to me!

Please fill some basic information and you will get your license per email immediatelly. In case of failure you can still contact us here.

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If you like / dislike any of our applications, your constructive feedback is alway welcomed. Please leave your comment or suggestion and help us with future development. Now, go ahead, Your Opinion Matters!

15 Responses to “Get License”

  1. Łukasz Kowalczyk

    I really like your script, but it lacks some of necessary features:
    – I can’t lunch it on R28
    – It doesn’t work on multiple CATIA instances
    – I can’t resize columns, to see whole CATIA part name
    Would it be possible to work on that?

    • Tesak

      Hi Lukasz,
      yes, there are definitely ways to improve application, however:
      – I do not have a chance to test it in version higher than R21
      – multiple Catia instances are not supported as only the first instance of Catia is exposed to automation and I didn’t find an easy way to handle more Catia instances
      – resizing is quite easy to do and I will do it when I have time

      Thanks for your contribution,

  2. Jhovanny Ramirez Illescas

    Still i can´t bealive there is someone who shares this tool for free (Smart sort), i am using CATIA V5 R26 and it work great, i been looking for this for a long time, i am very grateful.

  3. Ignacio Medel

    Great job!!! is there any font with only one line , without thichness, just like I am writing now

    • Tesak

      Well, you have to look for and install some single line fonts. Google for CamBam Stick Fonts, they seem to be single line fonts.

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